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Hugh Baird College

Hugh Baird College in Bootle, Liverpool have been using myday since 2013. John Billington, Head of Services, was looking for a product to help with student usability, their MIS and which would provide timely information. Their SharePoint environment had become cumbersome to manage and wasn’t easily adaptable for student demand.

Three years later and the college and their students are still realising the benefits of myday. During that time the college has transitioned from a previous version of myday to the latest cloud-hosted version.

The college have designed the dashboard and mobile app to provide students with access to information, systems and applications which are critical to their studies. The attendance tile is amongst those that the college find the most useful. This helps students to understand the importance of attendance and punctuality. This is done through a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rating and provides a visual cue for what their attendance level is.

The college has provided some great feedback on the new Cloud version of myday and additional functionality.

The college utilises the banner tile to promote cross-college activities. The business function tiles such as the balance tile and print credit display how much balance a student has available. The college IT team found it very easy to do the integration.

Hugh Baird uses LearningPool as their VLE. Tasks are pulled and displayed from a variety of sources the students find the information easily and are better able to manage their workload. LearningPool is just one of a number of VLE’s that can be integrated into myday. Collabco worked directly with the VLE company and the college to provide this integration.

Students and other staff members can very easily find contact details, using the myday staff search function improving the interaction between staff and students.

myday also helps with the college’s community and charity efforts. There’s a tile on the dashboard for their chosen charity, Kind, so students understand where their contributions and donations are going.

With many exams taking place at the same time, there is not enough space to put them all on in the college. As a result Hugh Baird rent space locally. myday will help with this year through the recently developed mapping tools. Students will use myday maps to navigate to these locations for external exam halls.

Other tiles include an integration to Clickview which provides educational video libraries, mapped to the National Curriculum.

John’s excited about the future of the app and is keen to integrate myday and the myHB mobile app more effectively into college life. They’re also keen to advocate and help to promote the solution for other colleges in Merseyside as area reviews and mergers dominate much of the Further Education agenda in the coming months.

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