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How long has myday been around?

We’re delighted to have been working within the education sector since 2009.

How many people use myday?

With over 80 customers worldwide, we have hundreds of thousands of myday users each day.

Who needs to be involved within a College or University?

From an implementation perspective this is generally staff members responsible for the various student facing systems, e.g. Library system co-ordinator, Email co-ordinator, and for larger establishments, Project managers. In terms of decision making that depends on your structure but can be any one individual to a range of people including the IT Manager, MIS manager, Marketing, Communications, E-learning and Student Service or experience teams.

How much work is involved for an IT team?

Not a huge amount at all. You will actually find that you have more time for other projects as myday removes some of the time-consuming administration taks. For example you can schedule in banner changes in response to an event ahead of time, and this wouldn’t require input from IT. You can also assign full administration rights or content providing roles other members of your institution to reduce resource issues.

Can myday be used for staff?

Yes! myday is used by staff, students, enquirers, applicants, alumni, governors and visitors across our network of customers. Multiple dashboard set up allows you to target specific groups with only the information and systems they need.

Do we have to contact Collabco every time we want to change myday?

Customers maintain their own myday environment and can update any connected system. Should you need us however, you’ll have access to our support team around the clock, we’re always on hand and happy to help.

What is the typical implementation time for myday?

Usually, implementation takes around one month. However customers often look to plan ahead and implement over a longer period to test across various groups.

Support & Pricing

Can myday be customised?

myday can be customised in many ways. It allows visual personalisation from both an administrator and user perspective, multiple dashboards can be created to ensure content is also personalised and targeted and Apps can be created within myday to build the platform into your institute’s bespoke digital campus. App creations have included items such as QR readers, bus trackers and washing machine availability.

How many different dashboards can we have?

As many as you like. Connectors? We haven’t yet found something we can’t connect to! Popular connectors include attendance monitoring software, library apps, VLE’s and social networks.

Can we have an app and a portal?

Yes you can. myday is both a portal and app solution as standard. Or if you wish, you can use either in isolation – the choice is yours.

Can we develop our own solutions using the myday platform?

Yes you can. If you have web development skills internally we can facilitate a training course to show your staff how they can build and launch their own apps into myday.

Can myday be personalised?

Yes, its really intuitive. myday is fully branded as per your establishment and you can personalise each dashboard to suit your groups. As a user myday can also be personalised to suit their own needs and preferences.

How is myday priced?

myday is priced per year per user with a one-off onboarding charge to connect your systems into myday.

How is myday supported?

Our online support desk system is available online 24/7 and our dedicated customer success team ensure that any support queries are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with and support many leading establishments within the education sector.