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Why is security important?

Universities and Colleges need a stable and secure environment to act as a gateway to student services and systems and to host important documentation and content. Staff and students need to trust in the technology that the institute invests in to complete their studies and ensure their not vulnerable to cyber criminals or risk any negative impacts of down time.
Campus security is a top priority for any university or college where there is a necessity and dependency to achieve personal success.

How does myday help?

myday requires a username and log-in to access all-important documentation and boasts a 99.9% availability time ensuring users never experience performance issues due to a lack of resources.

Specific features include:

Single sign on

myday offers single sign-on (SSO) to ensure a safe authentication service that permits a user to access multiple applications.

Implementing SSO reduces risk because having only one user access point minimizes the likelihood of users using simple or easy-to-crack passwords. With 30% of help desk calls being requests for password resets, a single login reduces the number of authentication problems and saves on all-important resources.

Built in the cloud

Enabling quick deployment with frequent updates to the platform. As a cloud application customers automatically receive new updates when they are released, simplifying and reducing the cost of ownership of the service.

The myday service is managed and maintained by Collabco and isn’t reliant upon local services or on premises hardware.  It’s reliability and availability are critical for academic institutions delivering a ’round the clock’ service to their ‘always on’ student population.

Microsoft Azure

Collabco chose to build myday on Microsoft Azure as it provides unmatched security and scalability.

Microsoft invests more than $1B a year and employs more than 3500 security experts to protect user information.

Identity Management

Within myday you can create dashboards, tiles, news feeds, bookmarks and banners that target your existing security groups. This ensures only those who you intend information for, receive that information.

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