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Why is it important to analyse the usage of a student portal?

Competition within the educational industry is high and establishments are capitalising on their reputation to raise money and invest in infrastructure to attract the best candidates.
Historically within HE students competed for a limited number of places but now universities battle to enrol as many scholars as they can. There is an ever-increasing pressure on universities to attract and retain students who now form half of a university’s income.

How does myday help?

To gain an advantage on comparable colleges and universities, myday includes an analytics dashboard to view your digital campus’ performance. Observing trends and understanding which systems your staff and students are utilising helps to prioritise budgets and resource.
Using the dashboard you’re able to:

  • Refine your deployment to ensure the frequently used features appear first
  • Understand and react to the usage of key learning applications and systems
  • Measure and improve the impact of any marketing or communications
  • Promote usage of the platform to user audiences and measure response
  • Measure the level of user activity and discover how your users are engaging with the myday platform

Specific features include:

Analytics dashboard

myday comes complete with an analytics dashboard so you can understand how your users are engaging with your digital campus and what tiles are proving popular, or need more promotion!

Data is captured on:

Each user session

time, duration, user, device, location etc.

Impressions and click-throughs of any banner advertising

enabling you to measure the success of a campaign.
Interactions with apps and tiles – see which features are used and better promote those that are frequently used.

Identity management/Identification

Within myday you can target dashboards, tiles, news feeds, bookmarks and banners to your existing security groups utilising your pre-existing data set. This ensures content is targeted and relevant.

Developer enabled

myday has been designed as a platform to customise and extend so that institutes can deliver their own campus experience to their students, staff and visitors.

Customers are able to develop their own myday tiles and apps and automatically deploy and update these on both the web and mobile device.

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