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Why should we focus on student engagement?

In an increasingly competitive environment of campus applications and national student survey scores, student experiences and engagement matter now more than ever. Institutions seek regular feedback on their campus services and can often struggle to engage students, staff or visitors. Student retention is also increasingly becoming an issue as institutes fail to engage fully with students within the important early weeks.

How does myday help?

Due to the advanced targeting and personalisation tools provided, myday allows a unique experience for your users based on who they are and what they prefer. This leads to an increase in response rates to anything that requires student engagement, such as surveys.
myday is a great signposting portal – Everything is all in one place with one password which makes things simpler.
myday is a tool used to influence, interact and inform. It is built to enable you to engage with your students from enquirer and applicant, through their entire time at university with specific focus on their first few weeks and examination periods through to graduation to alumni status.

Specific features include:

Anytime, Anywhere access

The myday platform app provides a mobile experience for users on the move using a familiar and consistent experience. This allows users to access important content at any time from any location and from any device.

Social content sharing

A range of tools and integrations with social networks are available to enable myday to be a hub for your organisations communications. News feeds to your students doesn’t just give them what they want to see, but what they NEED to see. Mainstream news, institute news streams, bus timetables and many more feeds can be integrated into your dashboards.

Engagement increases on an institution’s social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when integrated with the myday digital campus.

Native Push Notifications

Once logged onto myday, notifications of messages will be received instantly. Staff and students no longer need to be limited to emails to receive communications.

Utilising the push notifications within myday saves budget on costly text messages or other messaging platforms when alerting your users to important information.

Targetable content (CMS)

Utilising the in-built CMS you can create imaginative content banks to assist and direct your users improving their overall experience.

Utilising the anonymous access license you can also personalise content for visitors to your campus. This could be prospects to your campus that you’d like to nurture through enrolment or visitors to large event that you need to keep engaged.

Multiple Dashboards

myday enables the use of multiple dashboards so you can display different types of information to your users. Each dashboard can be targeted to a group or groups of users meaning you can have different dashboards for students, staff and other stakeholders.

Each department, faculty, college or school can have their own dashboard or you can have a single dashboard for everyone. Individuals can be presented with one or more dashboard relevant to their role, area of study and interests.

Multiple dashboards make it simple to manage the tiles and content yet still offer the ability to grant access single tiles on a more granular basis if required.

Developer enabled

myday has been designed as a platform to customise and extend so that institutes can deliver their own campus experience to their students, staff and visitors.

Customers are able to develop their own myday tiles and apps and automatically deploy and update these on both the web and mobile device.

Banner ads

myday includes the ability to build and include timely targeted banner adverts, subtly alerting your users to important news before they access any of their other tools.

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