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A personalised experience for applicants, students and staff.

Today’s students live in a digital world and have instant access to all information at any given time, from any location. They expect a personalised experience in all aspects of their life and this includes academic studies.

Universities and Colleges have to accommodate many individuals with varying situations and use targeted communications, ensuring a positive student experience can be difficult.

How does myday help?

The myday platform and mobile app is an intelligent solution to deliver an easy-to-use, personalised, branded experience to those visitors who matter the most. Integrating your IT systems is a challenge that we understand. That is why myday includes the ability to create multiple dashboards that can be targeted to specific audiences. This means staff, partners, students and visitors can all be presented with apps, help and information relevant to their role, area of study or interests. Targeted banner adverts and push notifications helps to ensure that you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Specific features include:

Student Engagement Mobile App

The myday app provides a mobile experience for users on the move and includes the same content as viewed on any other device to ensure a consistent experience. The mobile app is currently available on all platforms and can be fully branded if desired.

Multiple Dashboards

myday enables the use of multiple dashboards so you can display different types of information to your users. Each dashboard can be targeted to a group or groups of users meaning you can have different dashboards for students, staff and other stakeholders.

Each department, faculty, college or school can have their own dashboard or you can have a single dashboard for everyone. Individuals can be presented with one or more dashboard relevant to their role, area of study and interests.

Multiple dashboards make it simple to manage the tiles and content yet still offer the ability to grant access single tiles on a more granular basis if required.

Administrator and User customisation

myday allows a high degree of personalisation from both a standard default setting as set by administrators and content managers in addition to user personalisation.

Students and staff can customise their dashboard the way they like it. This includes how it looks and what information is shown.
The platform and mobile app can also be fully branded as per your institutes guidelines for recognition and to instil your reputation.

Native Push Notifications

Once logged onto myday, notifications of messages will be received instantly. Staff and students no longer need to be limited to accessing their emails to receive communications.

Utilising the push notifications within myday saves budget on costly text messages or other messaging platforms.

Updates to timetables or other important news can be pushed natively to the user’s mobile phone so the most important news will appear on the lock screen.

Developer enabled

myday has been designed as a platform to customise and extend so that institutes can deliver their own campus experience to their students, staff and visitors.

Customers are able to develop their own myday tiles and apps and automatically deploy and update these on both the web and mobile device.

Identity management/Identification

Within myday you can target dashboards, tiles, news feeds, bookmarks and banners to your existing security groups utilising your pre-existing data set.

Targetable content (CMS)

Utilising the in-built CMS you can create imaginative content banks to assist and direct your users improving their overall experience and attainment.

Utilising the anonymous access license you can also personalise content for visitors to your campus. This could be prospects to your campus that you’d like to nurture through enrolment or visitors to a large event that you need to keep informed.

Accessibility compliant

myday is developed using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 to allow you to create a digital campus that is inclusive, usable and complies with current legislation.


myday supports multiple languages to ensure that your content can be viewed across multiple locations. Users are able to select their language preference to view content how they desire.

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