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What’s on your student’s Christmas list?

16th December 2019

It is imperative for every institution to provide students with an experience that they can enjoy from the first to last minute. An enjoyable time that makes them speak highly to their friends and family when they return home for the holiday period. In our last blog, we spoke about the great Christmas drop-out, where year on year, thousands of students make the decision to ditch their degree in the new year.

This time around, we are looking deeper into what your students want from you as an institution. Understanding what you can implement to make them enjoy their time more, or do more of that they are currently enjoying, to keep them happy!

We have researched into what students want, and what’s on their Christmas list this year from their college or university.

The basics

As Christmas presents go, getting some new perfume, aftershave or a pair of socks from your auntie or uncle is a standard procedure. You didn’t ask for them, you didn’t necessarily want them, but you definitely need them!

This works just as well for students, but instead of presents, it’s giving them exactly what they need, a course that supports their expectation, and will get them a job when they graduate!

High-quality teaching methods will engage students from the offset and throughout. Understanding what students want and need will bridge the divide between teachers and learners. The use of technology is essential in modern-day education, students are using devices 24 hours a day, why would they want to take a step back in time when it comes to the learning?

It’s the thought that counts

Along with the presents that are needed but not necessarily tailored for you. There need to be personalised gifts, those that you know have been purchased with you in mind.

Delivering customised, rich content for students will not just engage them, but give them a sense of belonging. They aren’t just another number at your institution, you understand their needs and want to cater to them. Utilising functionality such as dynamic groups and audience targeting can narrow down messaging to those who specifically need it.

The use of push notifications, RSS and social feeds can create a relationship between a student and institution that is personal, fruitful and longlasting. No student is the same, so why should they be treated that way?

You’ll have that for years!

Long-lasting, timeless presents are hard to come by. We all have that one piece of clothing that’s never left our wardrobe, or maybe it’s a trust golf club that doesn’t let you down!

Students come to university to gain a degree, but leaving with the experience of a lifetime is essentially what lasts with them and what they will tell their friends and family about in years to come.

More to the point, they are the advocates for future generations of students. Conversations with younger siblings and friends is a way of recruiting. More students that enjoy their time at your college/university the more likely others are going to follow suit.


Well, not exactly money, but return on investment.

University isn’t cheap, and even though it has become a lot more accessible for many demographics over the years, it is still a huge leap to take from a financial perspective. Students need to know their spending will equate to success.

However, the return on investment goes both ways. If you are recruiting students who are receiving the best education possible, then performance will be improved and your university will become more attractive to the likes of sponsorships, events and other revenue streams.

Student experience and profitability come hand in hand, understanding how they complement each other will allow your institution to generate both.

Want to learn how you can put a smile on your student’s faces when they return in the new year? Get in touch below!








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