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What it means to be a student app provider in times of need

12th October 2020

myday is one of many pandemic success stories.  As lockdown periods around the world closed campuses and made staying indoors compulsory for vast sections of the population including most students and teaching staff, universities and colleges grasped for a way to carry on teaching and learning at a distance. 

All students were reaching for a device capable of completing their studies on and all teaching staff were frantically grappling with technology they were often unfamiliar with. If it felt like students were demanding more than ever from a digital campus, that’s because they were.  According to data from the Education Technology Pandemic report, 50% of educational establishments reported that students were completing more work than before the pandemic via remote learning.  

Students went from using their myday apps on-the-go to find out where they needed be on campus for the next lecture or quickly checking their emails to using myday on their internet browsers and simply navigating through the myriad of systems they needed to quickly become familiar with to successfully learn online.  

This demand saw a number of customer’s myday apps rocket into the Top 20 of Education Apps in the Apple iOS Stores. One college reported having over 2,500 downloads in just two days when the app was launched.

However, none of these students saw myday as their hero.  University and college myday platforms are branded as institutes own and content included is seamlessly delivered from their chosen place of study. We have seen an increase in demand for expansion of existing customers platforms too whilst onboarding and welcoming new customers to ensure students don’t miss out. Many institutions quickly see the benefits of implementing the myday platform both to aid digital learning but also as a proven solution for the future.  

As well as significant growth within  in the education sector, we have also been delighted to report that we have been able to retain all staff within the company and even welcomed new employees within the marketing, sales and customer success teams. It is important for us that we continue to support existing customers as well as new ones. 

Covid-19 forced the world of education to adapt. But is this a glimpse of the future of  education, or will our requirement for a digital campus dissolve as soon as the virus recedes? 

Given a real choice, will we continue to connect with students via an app – or will we leave our smartphones behind and run towards lecture halls? 

The answer, without any doubt, will be one of a hybrid nature and include both.  

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