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The University of Leicester – a myday success story

28th June 2018

Communication is very important to us here at Collabco and working alongside our customers to help them achieve their own goals but drive the road-map of the product too is critical to our success.

Academic Registrar Geoff Green had this to say when they came on board with our most forward-thinking and cutting-edge product. “We chose Collabco because we had a very old app here at Leicester which focused mainly on applicants and we recognised we needed something much more dynamic and spoke to the whole student experience at the university

And what Collabco offered us was an off the shelf wire-frame product which would integrate seamlessly with our existing systems.”

With myday, we are able to give every institution their own personalised and tailored service. We understand that everyone is different and believe that innovative ideas should be developed.

Geoff told us about the idea that Leicester had, working with myday to improve student engagement and retention.

“We’ve developed our own tile within the app which is a feedback tile and that has been a really innovative development which has allowed us to gather real-time feedback from the students about particular services or issues they are facing in the campus.”

Gathering feedback is one of the most essential tools for success in any institution. With the innovative thinking from Leicester, and the ability to implement through the myday app, the collaboration has improved the performance and cohesion of students at the university.

Rajesh Patel, who is the Associate Director of Student Experience spoke more on simplicity and ease.

“What we were hoping it would do for the student experience is make it a lot simpler for students to access information. So, putting key information in one place and making it available in the palm of a student’s hand is invaluable.”

Would you like to learn more about raising student engagement and retention figures?

Watch the full video here.

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