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The importance of a personalised experience

27th July 2021

Educational institutions are under more pressure than ever to perform with a surge in applications for the new academic year. There are many factors to measure how well institutions perform, however offering students control and personalisation to the courses they are investing in ensures students will have a higher chance of success and staying engaged throughout the duration of their studies.

Despite the impact of the pandemic causing disruption to teaching and learning throughout the UK, a record number of teenagers have applied to higher education. UCAS reports that 311,000 18– year olds had applied for higher education places, which is an increase on last year’s record of 281,000 applications.

With this in mind, institutions must do what they can to ensure they can offer students the best possible teaching, closely monitor student engagement and potentially the reassurance during these uncertain times that they will get the same or similar experience as previous cohorts.

Institutions must be prepared for the new intake of students each year, but also the retention of the current crop of students they have enrolled with them. Students may be at risk from disengagement when the number of students at the institution increases and the personal element of teaching dissolves. Another risk of disengagement is the uncertainty of the Covid – 19 pandemic. There’s the certainty that a number of students will be required to self-isolate through track and trace, preventing them from attending their campus physically. A report by the Independent shows 40% of students ‘seriously considered dropping out of University during the pandemic.’ This demonstrates the importance of systems to support remote learning and the impact of a lack of these on student satisfaction and engagement. A way to combat this is through the personalisation in the way in which the courses are delivered to students.

The myday app offers an easy way for students to interact with the resources they need all in one place. The personalisation of the app provides students with the capability to make it their own. They can optimise their app and dashboard and have their most viewed and interacted with tiles at the top. There is also the ability for them to manage their calendar – they can add in social events too, for example. Institutions can deliver personalised communications to specific groups and individuals, ensuring students feel they are getting the right information. Wherever students may be, they will gain the same myday experience, whether that’s on campus, on the move or in their accommodation. The app also offers simple access to news, results, timetables, library apps and social groups ensuring they have a positive student experience and ultimately feeling their specific learning requirements are tailored to them as an individual.

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