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The connected campus, where are we now?

16th November 2020

As the world responds to the current health crisis, the well-being of students impacted by the pandemic remains to be a top priority. Change has been inevitable and quick, and although some institutes have been slower to respond than others, universities are opening their doors to new and returning students in a staggered manner, adopting blended learning approaches and following strict protocols to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all.

This new reality has given educational leaders an opportunity to embrace and invest in change to transform learning and teaching. Could the coronavirus pandemic be the catalyst for creating a much richer, more holistic blend of on-campus and digital experiences for students?

Every university and college is now starting to enter a new normal that was hardly imagined or prepared for.  Supporting staff and students in their learning environment is a high priority, and the experience of each student – whether that’s on campus, online, or a bit of both – remains a key component.

When it comes to ensuring that students are offered the best possible experience, understanding what the future campus community should look and feel like (whether on campus or online) and knowing what the learning experience should be like and how the student experience will feel if amenities on campus are restricted are critical to success.

Today’s institutes are no strangers to the potential power of education technology. From flipping the traditional sequence of teaching to offering a more engaging and interactive learning environment, the possibility to deliver a completely different type of pedagogy seems almost endless.  It would be prudent for all technology teams to explore how technologically-advanced universities are using EdTech to boost their offering for students to understand what their classrooms of the future might look like.

Student engagement significantly increases with the introduction of a connected, digital campus. Especially when looking to attract applicants and continue to hold the interest and support of Alumni once they have graduated.

A connected campus both from a student’s perspective and systems perspective is the perfect recipe for success. There are often large amounts of data sets from different departments which once brought together can generate beneficial information institution-wide.

Delivering this elevates the experience for staff, students and visitors alike. Implementing a solution such as myday eradicates the need to search through unnecessary pages of content, visit many different websites or have limited access to needed academic materials.

Holistic engagement via digital channels is a must for the university and colleges of tomorrow. Students expect to connect with everyone from admissions officers to alumni representatives. Having a strategic plan in place will help drive delivery of consistent communications and content throughout an institution.

There is growing confidence that the ‘new normal’ will be a continuation of the path of innovation and modernisation that will redefine the way we engage our students in learning and acquiring skills that prepare them to deal with the uncertainties of life and the unpredictability’s of a changing job market.

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