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The benefits of launching mid-term

23rd October 2020

After a summer and September like no other, many institutions have thought not only about their interim digital solution but also their long-term digital learning offering as reported by Wonkhe.

Lots of educational establishments may think that you can only launch a new system at the start of term. We’ve heard this view from lots of our prospects, who have become customers and successfully launched at different points of the academic year. Read on for our reasons as to why launching mid-term may even be better!

Information overload at the start of term

Students (and staff!) are often overloaded with information at the start of term and whilst the myday portal and app cuts through the noise and surfaces essential information to users, students may not yet know which systems they need to access to make a success of their academic studies. After the blur of welcome week has passed and once students are more settled and have begun their studies in earnest, they’re more likely to be more engaged and receptive to a new education tool.

Re-engage with your students when they need it most

For some students, an education tool, such as myday, can be a lifeline. If the demands and pressures of academic study are too much, learners can become disengaged and at risk of drop-out. Introducing a new system which helps and benefits students is a great message and helps the institution to re-engage with students, particularly those who are at-risk. myday’s Analytics platform can also help administrators identify students who might not continue with their studies, for example, if they are not attending classes, or are not engaging with learning systems.

Right place, right time

Whenever a new product is launched, the uptake and success is directly linked to the communications strategy behind it. Providing that the marketing is strong, your launch will be successful regardless of what point in the academic year you go live. Your mid-term go-live may even be better than a beginning of term one as there’s less messages competing for your user’s attention. We’ve also helped some of our customers market their new product to users and we’d be delighted to help you too.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to find out the benefits of implementing myday, regardless of what point in the academic year you’re at.

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