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Organising the lecture hall, letting students learn

05th September 2019

Managing disparate and disjointed IT systems has a huge effect on student learning capabilities. Organisations can create an environment where cohesion is increased between lecturer and student by focussing on how accessible their technology is. There are lots of ways to raise engagement figures from students and give them the best chance of reaching the pinnacle of academic success, without them even stepping foot on campus.

The lecture hall has changed from being a physical place to being anywhere learning happens. With an increase in improved technologies, the lecture hall can be accessed from a train, a library, or even a student’s own bedroom.

By maximising the impact of your digital campus, students can feel at ease and ready to engage, and it isn’t just the students that are benefitting, it’s all staff too.

Connecting all of your systems so they are accessible from one place will increase the quality of teaching, save valuable time that can be re-purposed – allow staff to arrange meetings, seminars, and many other academic events, without needing to be face-to-face with students.

Staff can unnecessarily struggle with managing their IT access and this can be a barrier to providing the highest level of teaching to the next generation of academia. Bringing all systems together, and maximising cohesion from lecturer to student will allow the lecturer to teach, and the students to learn.

Time-saving is a huge benefit to connecting systems, whether that is Blackboard, Outlook, attendance monitoring or any form of assignment software. Students and staff leaving your institution’s internal intranet to visit many different web pages, and finding it hard to get to where they need to be will consume many hours.

Delivering a rich online digital experience ensures there are no barriers to access and delivery of great teaching. Connect your campus and be the driving force behind your institutions’ success.

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