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Joining your disparate systems and enabling a connected campus

17th June 2021

System integration is crucial for any institution to succeed. It ensures seamless connectivity and reduces the likelihood of errors, improving both the internal workflow of your organisation and the prospects of your company. Having all of your systems integrated helps to achieve the following.

  • Real-time visibility
  • Process efficiency
  • Increased engagement
  • Valuable data collection
  • Cost savings

Disparate systems are very separate systems. We often take for granted that Microsoft Outlook, Teams, OneNote and SharePoint all work together seamlessly without countless hours of additional configuration and often need the same level of autonomy across many more campus tools that aren’t all from within the same ecosystem.

Using integration capabilities like API’s, many disparate systems can be combined to create a best-in-breed ecosystem to better serve any particular business function.

Integrated solutions that enable easier sharing and communication ensure they can always keep in touch with other parts of your institution and be confident that everyone is working off the same data.

The level of engagement significantly increases with the introduction of a connected, digital campus. Especially when looking to attract applicants and continue to hold the interest and support of Alumni once they have graduated.

A connected campus both from a student’s perspective and systems perspective is the perfect recipe for success. There are often large amounts of data sets from different departments which once brought together can generate beneficial information institution-wide.

Delivering this elevates the experience for staff, students and visitors alike. Implementing a solution such as myday eradicates the need to search through unnecessary pages of content, visit many different websites or have limited access to needed academic materials.

Holistic engagement via digital channels is a must for the modern university or college. Students expect to connect with everyone from admissions officers to alumni representatives. Having a strategic plan in place will help drive the delivery of consistent communications and content throughout an institution.

Want to learn more about connecting your campus with myday? Take a look at our handy infographic here 

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