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Integration: future proofing the Digital Campus

18th February 2019

There are things we’ve come to expect from our place of work.  One of the most pertinent being technological support with access to the to the latest digital tools necessary to carry out our jobs from any location and on any device.  The introduction of such technology was once viewed as innovative and progressive yet is now second nature to most employees with companies being viewed negatively for not having cutting-edge tech in place.

Education institutions are beginning to play catch-up with digitising the campus environment too. Delivering a student-centred learning experience – one that engages students more than ever before and produces the data required upon which to make faster, more accurate and more effective decisions is at the heart of their approach. Increasingly more higher education institutions are looking to provide a digital framework to build their online offerings on so that it’s possible to facilitate the transition from a more traditional form of teaching/learning to a more flexible, engaging and measurable digital one.

How we manage this new age of digital campus environments is also important. Gone are the days of installing an IT system, switching it on and simply maintaining it whilst watching it age, groan under the strain and then be replaced. Cloud computing delivers a ‘living’ digital campus that grows, evolves, improves and is consistently adapted so that it becomes more valuable over time in terms of what it can do, the functionality it delivers and the data and insights it provides.

The age of ‘bring your own device’ also delivers the digital campus to smartphones, tablet computers – and from any location.  University services can be provisioned digitally, repositories for learning tools and information can be accessed online and there are many ways to collaborate with both staff and other students. There has been a seismic shift from the more traditional to increasingly the digital education.

Choosing a digital campus where many apps can be integrated into the one environment for students means that the data can simply be ‘sign-posted’ via the correct application for use.  There are huge practical goals achieved not least in terms of students having access to everything they need in the way of academic material in one place but also integration between apps with systems generating a more efficient, forward thinking learning-space.

The core digital campus must bring together disparate systems from across the university or college and integrate them – providing a synergistic framework to work from, whilst future proofing the organisation for years to come.

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