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How important is branding across Independent School Groups?

05th July 2018

Broadcasting a consistent message across a school group has a huge amount of benefit to not just CEO’s and Headteachers but all stakeholders and those involved with bettering education for the future. The way in which that message is broadcast is also just as important. Branding displays your business and represents your drive for success.

Below are some of the benefits of branding, and how this can take school groups to the next level of success.

  • Promote your vision and plan. Like any business, branding is essential for a school group to move forward with a vision and plan. Your brand can inspire (or repel) prospective students and staff and so in order for you to be profitable your brand needs to evoke positive associations with any particular group.
  • Attract investors. Having a recognisable brand behind your strong messaging will attract investment ensuring you have a more profitable business and an appealing reputation. Your brand identity should set you apart from other school groups and reflect your strength, values, and mission.
  • Sense of meaning. Headteachers, staff and even parents will have an invested interest in the ethos and direction of where their institution is heading. A good reputation gives stakeholders a sense of meaning, and a belief that their time and effort is worth it.  Your brand should speak to your audience’s goals and needs. When your audience knows exactly what your business stands for, and feels that this mission aligns with their own goals and values, you’re well on your way to building trust and loyalty.
  • Consistency. Having a strong brand and control on the delivery of your brand values will ensure you have consistency across your school groups.  The use of iconic logos and distinctive colours will ensure consistency in recognition, consistency in understanding your mission, consistency of service delivery and ultimately consistency on success.
  • Community and Partnerships. Your school group is part of a much larger community and the surrounding environment has an impact on your school group whether you like it to or not.  Improving your reputation within that community is vital for success in attracting partnerships. From academic services to recreational businesses, partnerships can grow your business and assist in broadcasting your successes.

Find out how the myday Digital Campus and marketing services can help deliver your brand across staff and students alike.

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