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Extending your reach, maintaining your reputation

22nd April 2019

It’s a conundrum that many historic academic establishments face year on year – Should an institution that has gained great successes from its traditional background change to a modern-day style to attract students? Although it’s widely documented that students favour personalised, technology-led approaches, if high numbers of applications continue to be received then surely there is no need to change?

There is an ever-increasing perception that an academic establishment has to adopt a new-age digital presence in order to attract and retain students.  Although this is the case, this doesn’t have to mean a compromise in identity just to deliver the needs of the next generation.  There are many ways in which a school, college or university can attract prospective students through digital channels whilst promoting the core legacy values and structures.

Many students strive to be part of a successful educational institution, steeped in history, dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. For some, those strong traditional values bring a sense of belonging that keeps them in contact with a strong alumni community. For others, it’s a proud sense of achievement when discussing where they graduated.

The building of new campuses and inclusions of new apparatus marks a progressive evolution. Whether that be a medical lab with the latest equipment, or utilising cloud technology for storage solutions. There is always room to grow, and by embracing new technologies you attract the modern student. Technology is no longer optional and “anytime, anywhere” is the expectation. A digital campus boasting 24/7 communications between student and staff is no exception.   

Word of mouth has always been a great method of recruitment, especially within the higher education market. But increasingly, those who are applying for places on courses are starting their journey online to find the best and most suited institutions to them. It’s not just the nearest college or sixth form, it’s the one with the best results, best resources and which best suits their lifestyle.

There is no longer a need to compromise your traditional offering in order to extend your reach.  Utilising a Digital Campus will not only broadcast your history and success to the world and recruit new students but ensure that you retain that top talent once enrolled.

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