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Delivering value for money – Independent School Groups

02nd July 2018

Reputation is everything and delivering value for money in education has never been more cutthroat. But technology – specifically the digital campus – continues to provide your independent school group with increasingly more efficient ways to compete, promote your brand, deliver a high-quality education experience for students and teaching staff and ultimately justify tuition fees.

We know the number of independent schools is increasing but enrollment numbers are falling. Income is decreasing, and cash flow is becoming a major concern so being more efficient whilst elevating your profile and reputation is a key consideration. The digital campus enhances student engagement, improves student retention as learners are more engaged and increases satisfaction levels, not just with students but also their parents and guardians.

If we look to higher education as an example, it too is faced with the same challenges – justification of tuition fees, increasing reputation and building a brand in the face of increased competition. Many of our HE and FE campuses are digital, engage students with online learning as much as physical tutoring and deliver an all-round better and more engaging experience for students. The digital campus can also be used to see how students are interacting with digital learning tools and is able to flag up where a student is not engaged and may be in danger of dropping out. Student retention is being increased thanks to the ability to identify a problem and intervene early. The digital campus allows increased collaboration, interaction between learners and tutors – and peers and delivers an altogether more engaging experience. A win for institution and students alike.

The digital campus delivers on 10 promises:

  1. It enables cost savings assisting schools to better control fee affordability
  2. It helps to deliver a consistent brand to investors, stakeholders and end users regardless of the number of campuses and their geographic spread. School groups can look instantly aligned.
  3. It improves enrolment by differentiating schools/trusts from the competition
  4. It delivers an all-encompassing personalised student and staff learning environment, accelerating two-way communications between student and institution
  5. It increases and simplifies systems access reducing system management costs. Resources are provisioned based upon user identity (student, staff, back office, geography, subject etc)
  6. It supports your marketing and branding strategies – unified branding across all communication channels has a positive effect on reputation moving you up through the rankings
  7. It delivers a place for external and internal stakeholders to enjoy an organised and well delivered experience.
  8. It becomes an additional service – providing your business with its own ‘app’ accessible by everyone from a smartphone or other device.
  9. It delivers a competitive edge
  10. It’s completely tailored to your needs and prepares your students for the next stage in their academic life.

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