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03rd June 2019

Welcome to Collabco’s face behind the logo series, where we give you an insight into the people behind myday. This time, we sat down with our Technical Support Lead, Romas. He spoke about his day-to-day role, working with people from around the globe and laughing at rival football fans in the office!

Q – When did you join Collabco and what attracted you to the company?

A – I joined in January 2016, I think the major attraction for me was when I saw the actual portal and the capabilities of what it could do. Also, the chance for me to grow with the company, we never had a big customer base at the time, so being part of a small team with big plans was a big part.

When I met everyone for the first time after my interview, they were lovely people and a lovely team. It was more of a family vibe, that’s the best thing about it. At one stage, Support was sat next to the Director of the company. That’s how small it was, you could go and speak to them and have a conversation about how their weekend was. Something I’ve never experienced before, that was a massive plus for me.

Q – Day-to-day what do you get up to in your role, and how has that changed over the years?

A – When I first started, we didn’t have many customers.  As we have grown there have been more support tickets and much more onboarding requests, that’s what I am working on day-to-day.

I come in on a Monday, and pick up work requests from our customers across the world in the likes of Australia and New Zealand, etc. As the week goes along there are more and more meetings scheduled in for customers who want to implement new ideas for their myday platform, it doesn’t matter how big or small their ideas are, we love hearing and helping them with each one.

Q – Previous to working at Collabco, did you work in support or a similar type of role, what’s different now?

A – Always in support, I am more in touch with the customer side of things now, whereas beforehand I was working with companies, dealing with employees, fixing their problems. Nowadays, I am dealing with customers and customer’s IT teams directly, which is a plus.

In terms of what’s changed, to be honest, all of our customers are great, they make my role easy and just enjoyable. In previous roles it was often tougher to communicate.

Q – What is enjoyable about your role?

A – It’s so enjoyable because I am always in contact with people. The best thing for me personally is that I get all of the information on what the customer is feeling. It’s always positive things that I hear from them, the development team don’t have that luxury of hearing how happy people are with the platform, they just have to make sure that problems are solved.

From my end, I hear all of the positivity that comes from customers and feed that back to the rest of the team and let everyone know that they are doing a good job and to keep up the good work. We love the positivity, it keeps us going!

Q – You have had a lot of experience in customer service and support, can you give us some tips on how you make sure the customer service level is the best it can be every single time?

A – I have two top tips for people who work directly with customers:

Tip 1: Honesty

Be honest with the customer, that is the most important part, if you have trust then you create a relationship on both a professional and personal level. This is important when working in the role that I do, you have to make sure that the person on the other side of the phone or computer believes what you are doing is in their best interest, and that you will go out of your way for them, which leads me to the second tip.

Tip 2: Go out of your way to help

From my end, if you have a problem with your internet, for example, you want to know that the person dealing with it is doing everything they can to get it sorted for you. That’s what I do from my side of things, sometimes it may fall out of my hands, but whatever I can do to make sure they are getting the best quality service, that’s all that matters. Going that extra mile and delivering the best support, taking each question as it comes, making sure I do everything possible to make it work.

Q – What’s your favourite part about walking into the Collabco office?

A – My favourite part is coming in and laughing at the Everton and Manchester United football fans from the weekend’s results! (laughs a lot)

For me, it’s the staff. I’ve never had this before but what is such an amazing thing is that every single day you walk in, everyone says good morning. That is something that is huge I think and definitely underestimated. A little good morning, how is everyone, have a little joke and then all crack on together with a smile on our faces.

Q – So, last question, what do you get up to when you aren’t working?

A – I like to play and watch a lot of football. If there is a good movie out then I will take the kids and go and watch that too.

Once every couple of weeks I’ll meet up with some friends, unfortunately, it’s only once a fortnight because we are all family men now! Nothing major, I don’t go out partying, keep my head down and enjoy spending time with my family and the people that matter.

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