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Consistent up-time is key, stay online whilst updating and testing changes with myday Sandbox

30th August 2018

A sandbox is an isolated environment in which a program or file can be executed without affecting the application in which it runs. Sandboxes are a great advancement in incident response, forensics and malware analysis and have been extremely beneficial for blocking malware at the network level.

Changing and updating different systems and operations can be very time consuming, especially if things don’t exactly go to plan. With myday Sandbox, you are able to have a live website testing feature to develop and decide which changes work best, without having to go live on site.

For example, if there are a large number of changes to your dashboard needed around exam time, continual changes to a live site can have a negative effect on student efficiency and concentration. It is a stressful time regardless, so having their digital campus in a state of change will not help.

There are 3 different environments when controlling changes in-house, they are:

1. Development environment

2. Test environment

3. Production environment

myday Sandbox gives you the first two environments to make the necessary changes, develop them and then test the site before anything is confirmed.

Before producing a final version of a website, the two environments a technical team will need to work within is development and testing. Having a sandbox site to perfect testing will cause no harm or worry to students, and allow a thorough process for achieving the results needed.

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