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South Essex College

Formed in 2010 as the result of a merger between two existing colleges, South Essex College has around 18,000 students including 1,200 higher education students and some 2,800 apprentices. Operations are across three campuses in Basildon, Southend and Thurrock.

Like many of its contemporaries, South Essex had a desire to offer its students a digital campus environment and the ability to access college resources easily, via one log in, on a smartphone or other device.

In 2014 the college installed myday ready for the new academic year and a new influx of students. Myday was deployed as the homepage and presented as the first page students could open on a browser. College resources such as timetables, email, calendars and attendance records – those things that students required numerous times in any day could be delivered via myday with one easy access point – and via the app. Students could also easily raise a query within myday and feedback delivered with the same ease.

South Essex extended this feedback loop to contain a ‘tile’ that meant students could ‘rate my lesson’. This provided a way for students to rate how their lessons went with a smiley face set of ratings and a text box for extra feedback. This was developed with the help of the Collabco team and warmly received by students. It was also a useful source of feedback for lecturers to tweak and improve lesson and lecture plans – and for the college to reward great teachers.

Feedback from Rhys Hughes, head of learning and services at South Essex College was excellent. The deployment process for implementing myday was simple and was ready and waiting for the new intake of students in September 2014. The day to day running and management of myday is also very easier – banner changes for example can be scheduled in advance. The app is being widely used at the college and is very popular – it has around 77,000 unique visits per month to myday.

“The customisable feature of myday also means that the college can use the multiple dashboard functions for each type of student based upon any number of criteria – identity, subject, geography, campus etc. Collabco has delivered a scalable digital campus to South Essex College.”

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